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带电源线的扁移动电梯电缆FTP CAT5E

Product Description

Conductors : multiply bare roud copper wire stranding 
Solid polytene or PVC -isolation 
Adding strong tensile force steel wire and fibre
Soft bare copper or tinned copper braiding shielding
Soft polyviny chloride(NBR/PVC) jacket
Permitted Working Temperature for longer time:No More Than 70'C
Adopting tensile force materials imported,exterior jacket soft PVC,good flexibility and antijamming abilites.

型号: Elevator cable FTP cat5 with power cable

Physical Specifications:   

  • Product Name: FTP Cat 5e 4p+ Power cable
  • Color: Grey Or Optional
  • Type: Flat
  • Insulation: 3.6mm
  • Conductor: 4x2x8/0.15mm Strands Copper
  • Steel: 2x19/0.2mm
  • Jacket: PVC Or( LOSH )
  • Shields: Al-foil+96/0.12 TC braiding
  • Coverage:  Double Al-foil + 96/0.12 Braiding 90%
  • Outer Diameter: 8.0*16.5mm