Do You Need Coaxial Cable for Internet

Coaxial cables have been used to transmit data for many years and are still used today, but can you get the internet to work without using them?
The coaxial cable has been served for transmitting data for many years and is still used today. But, do you know or understand it? Today, let's follow the GHT, an international coaxial cable factory, to have a knowledge trip of the coaxial cable!

What is Coaxial Cable

The coaxial cable, also called coax cable, is a type of electrical cable consisting of an inner conductor surrounded by a concentric conducting shield, with the two separated by a dielectric. The RG stands for “radio guide”. Due to the shielding design, the coaxial cable’s copper core is capable to transmit data quickly, regardless of the interference and damage. There are three common cable sizes: rg 6 coaxial cable, rg 59 coaxial cable, and rg11 coaxial cable.

RG 6 coaxial cable: It is thin and easy to bend for wall or ceiling installation. It is the first option to relay cable television signals. The rg 6 coaxial cable is widely used in residential or commercial buildings.

RG59 coaxial cable: The RG59 coaxial cable is a special but general-purpose 75 ohm coaxial cable. The 75 ohm coaxial cable is suitable for transferring baseband signal, broadcast frequencies, and audio and video signals over distances up to 100 feet. Today, the coaxial cable factory also designs the rg59+2c coaxial cable for other applications.
rg59+2c coaxial cable

RG11 Coaxial Cable: RG11 Coaxial Cable: The rg11 coaxial cable is a 14-gauge wire, which is a higher gauge than other video cables. because of its more transfer room, the RG11 coaxial cable could transit more signals.

How Does a Coaxial Cable Work?

First, the data that the coaxial cable transfer would go across the center copper as well as the metal shield. During the transferring process, the metal shield would prevent any signal get loss or damage and help reduce EMI.

Can you Get Internet without a Coax Cable

Generally speaking, you can get internet without a coax cable. But, it depends on the what type of outlet the building is supporting. Two options are available for you to get internet without using a coaxial cable.

Fiber Network Cable

The fiber optic is similar to the coaxial, but there is a key difference. The coaxial cable is made of copper whereas fiber network cable is made from fiberglass. And the fiber optic option requires an outlet built into the wall of a building with a fiber optic network cable running to the device intended for connection.

Hotspot Box

Some advanced companies such as Huawei have released a new option for getting Internet without a coaxial cable----5Ghz hotspot box. Just plug it into the main electric sockets and connect to the same data as smartphones do, it would become the ultimate hotspot for all electronic devices, creating an Internet Wi-Fi connection for your home.

Can You Use Any Coaxial Cable for Internet

Generally, yes, as long as the cable can plug into the cable condem. But, you had better not do this. It is because there are a few differences between these coaxial cables. If you force to plug the wrong cable into the condem, it may cause some damage to the condem and cable.

Is Coaxial Cable Necessary

If you need and have cable internet, then the answer is yes, you do need a coaxial cable to connect to the Internet.

Which is Faster: Ethernet or Coaxial?

Generally speaking, the ethernet network cables are faster than the coaxial cable. However, when we take the actual factors into this comparison, we can find that they may be equal in the transiting speed of the data. Here are some tests that other experts do. (This Data does not indicates all the cables have above performance, but data for reference. )
Categories Coaxial Cable Ethernet Cable
Raw Bitrate Potential 100 megabits (100,000,000 bits)per second 1,000 megabits or 1 gigabit
 (1,000,000,000 bits) per second*

*It can go up to 10 Gbps or 400 Gbps 25-50 Mbps 25-50 Mbps
Speedof.met 40-42 Mbps 50 Mbps
Local File Transfer 10 Mbps 589 Mbps 

To make an exact result, a complete home network environment with DirecTV wiring and equipment is done for tests.

●First, a test is started in the Speedtest net. Compared with other test tools, it doesn’t store any info on the user’s computer, so it measures internet speed, not disk speed. In the test, both the network cable and coaxial cable surpassed the rated speed of 50 down, 25up.

●In the second test, we can see a difference in speed between Ethernet and Coax, about 10Mbps or 16% of the total speed. But, this slowdown may be caused by the reading and write speeds on the hard drive.

●Third, The local file transfer is ideal for confirming the difference between network cable and coaxial cable. It also could create a good test environment by preventing the speed limitation of the provider.


All in all, the coaxial cable still plays a very important role in our network life. Three types of coaxial cable still do a great job in the residential and commercial building's network. With the rapid growth and steps technology is making, we also find coaxial cable manufacturers introducing an array of options for network connection.